"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." --Thomas Alva Edison

Your Guide To Starting A Home Business Starts Here.

Starting a Home Business

So you want to start a home business. Just like a brick and mortar business, there are things to tend to before you actually start finding clients and making some money.

Here are some tips for your journey into entrepreneurship.

Flesh out that idea. This website is full of ideas for home business. At this point most traditional businesses would construct a business plan. It's not necessary to construct a formal plan unless you plan on applying for funds from the Small Business Administration (SBA), however, you should have at least a stubby pencil sketch plan to work from.

Watch the following video and hear about a plan already in place to start your own successful and affordable business.

It details your strategy for getting started, how you will make sales and when you expect a profit, among other things.

Whether you need a business plan or not is up for debate, however, think it through. If you know what area you will start with, that's great. If you only have a general idea, you need to do some more digging.

Do some keyword research. This is a helpful tool for identifying your market and for niche marketing. When people search on the Internet, they use certain words that will return the results they seek. Those keywords can be widely used (getting millions of results) or not (with a few thousand results). Some words are overused on the web. You'll want to pass those up in favor of others that haven't been exploited by online marketers. Keep a record of those keywords for later.I recommend using a spreadsheet like Excel.

Note: This "keyword research" work can be the basis for profits when starting a home business, so spending some time here will serve you well.

Use some simple techniques to drive traffic your way. Search Engine Optimized content is one avenue. This cost only your time to write quality material that people are looking for.

If you love to write, create eBooks to sell or give away on your site. Join business forums to learn about online marketing and how to showcase your product. For selling products, you'll need to add an online storefront to your website.

Create an online presence. This will be your headquarters. If you don't know how to create a website, do a little reading on the subject. In the meantime, shop around for a good webhost. Here are a few things to look for: tutorials for set-up, decent price, lots of bandwidth, design templates, extras, and 24-hour assistance. No one wants to be left hanging after they've paid their money. Compare our all-in-one solution to any webhosting company you may find.

Choose a domain name. The name of your business website needs to appeal to the search engines. You can use some of those keywords you found to come up with a name that is relevant to your business and catchy at the same time. When using more than three words, use hyphens between words to make the name easier to read. A domain name search will tell if the name is available or not. Register your domain name with a reputable service. Be sure to renew it every year so you don't lose it.

A Home Office - What to Expect.

It seems like every working person's dream is to leave the office and set up shop... starting a home business. Before you get too used to the idea, however, think it through and know what to expect so the experience is as great as you imagine.

What kind of work will you do at home? It is never a good idea to leave a job without a plan. Setting up a freelance business means a time lag between contracting with a client and getting that first paycheck. Line up work ahead of time so your business is already on line before you leave your day job. You'll want to be sure the bills are able to be paid by the new income from your business first. The combined income will help with the start up costs how ever small.

It may be that your finances survive the move to a home office? Some jobs allow their employees to stop commuting and perform their duties using the Internet, fax, and phone. If you are quitting a day job in favor of starting a home business, sit down with the family and gauge your financial situation.

Consider establishing an emergency fund to cover any unexpected expenses or normal household bills until the home business starts bringing in money. It is recommended to have six months of income saved in case of any delays in income streams.

Set office space apart from the rest of the house. When you first thought of starting a home business, you might have had visions of sitting in your pajamas at the kitchen table while working on the computer, but that gets old really fast. Your productivity will likely give way to cleaning the kitchen, fixing breakfast, and watching television.

A room dedicated to your home business is the best way to maintain your focus on work even though you are at home. Having dedicated space is also essential for home business tax purposes. Start thinking of all the expenses,use of equipment/rooms and vehicle mileage in terms of tax breaks.

What equipment is needed to run a home office? Before you pull up stakes, be sure to purchase all the items you'll use in the home office. The basic essentials according to your plan may include a separate telephone line, a printer, a fax, a computer devoted to business, and of course a desk and chair. Since starting a home business runs in cyberspace, invest in the fastest Internet connection you can get in your area. Don't entrust your business profits to dial-up. Hit the ground running when starting a home business.

How will you manage the children? Moms who are starting a home business get to spend more time with their kids. But, as good as that sounds, the kids can also distract you from doing the work you need to get done. Decide how you will handle work time and family time before you come home.

The battle between housework and office work is never ending. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you have time to do all of the chores.

Your primary concern is getting the home business off the ground.

Between you and your family, discuss what is expected of each person. You might be home but it is in a working capacity. Everyone can pitch in with the work.

I began my research into starting a home business with a prescription to Entrepreneur Magazine. It has been said that over 70% of Americans will consider starting their own home business. Start today with research into your own profitable home business.

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