"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." --Thomas Alva Edison

Positive Thinking - How Positive Thoughts Can Lead to Success

Does positive thinking really make a difference? Ask any successful person or professional coach how to achieve your goals and the first piece of advice is likely to be, "think positively." Positive thoughts are your key to achieving your dreams and goals. While being positive isn't the only ingredient and characteristic necessary, it is an essential one.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill

Positive thinking starts with you. Often we look at what we want to achieve and we're able to think positively about the goal or the process but we're unable to think positively about our abilities. What do you do well? Rather than focus on what you're not so good at, spend time focusing on what you are good at. Enjoy and relish your strengths. These strengths are what will catapult you to your success. Instead of thinking "I can't or I won't be able to," think "I can, I will, I am able to."

Don't put limits on your dreams. The only limit to your success are your thoughts, fears and limiting beliefs. When you can clear these, you leave room to make the once impossible, possible.

Surround yourself with like minded people. Surrounding yourself with positive people who too are pursuing their dreams of success will help you attain your own goals. The trick however fist that you must first be a positive thinker to attract these same people.

Mastermind groups are an excellent example of the power of positive thinking and action. Benjamin Franklin had a mastermind group, Henry Ford had a mastermind group and many of our historical and notable success figures found power and by surrounding themselves with like minded people.

Create affirmations for success. Affirmations are positive statements that motivate you, inspire you, and keep your spirits and confidence high. Affirmations are personal and can only be written by you. Spend some time thinking about fears, limiting beliefs and areas where you lack confidence and write affirmations to help you change those limits into positive thoughts and positive action.

One of my personal favorites, I borrowed from the guy who invented the light bulb. -Edison

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Alva Edison

My father instilled in me a strong work ethic.

Never give up. Changing your mindset to think positively will help you persevere. One of the common characteristics of successful people is their ability to fail, pick themselves up, fail, pick themselves up and continue this process until they succeed.

There's no way you can suffer failures without a positive attitude. Mistakes and setbacks will happen. Will you be able to handle them and forge ahead? You will if you have the right attitude. Like water off a ducks back!

Positive thinking - Success comes to those who focus on the good, who think positively about themselves and the world and who are able to persevere. If you think positive about your dreams and goals until they become part of who you are then you will be on your way to achieving the success you desire.

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