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Motivate Affiliates - Ways to Motivate Your Affiliates

Motivate Affiliates - An affiliate team can mean the difference between hundreds of dollars in profits and thousands of dollars in profits. The trick to earning the thousands of dollars in profits is to find the right ways to motivate your team. Here are key ways to motivate affiliates:

Pay them well. Money motivates – no doubt about it. Make sure you’re paying your affiliates a commission rate that motivates them. You may want to test various commission rates to see which ones are the most motivating, or try a variety of promotions and incentives to boost sales. Make sure your pay scale is easy to understand. No one wants to have to have a degree in finance to figure out their commissions.

Let them know they’re important to you will motivate affiliates. It’s easy for affiliates to forget about you. Sad but true. If they have a handful, or more, products and companies they’re promoting they are more likely to focus on the products and programs that communicate effectively, and often. Promotions, bonuses, prizes, contests, and commission increases all motivate and inspire affiliates. Constant communication, like sending a weekly or monthly email, reminds affiliates you’re invested in their success.

Make sure your sales copy works. It’s the job of your affiliates to presell your products or services and it’s your job to convert visitors into customers. If your sales copy doesn’t convert and affiliates know they’re sending tons of traffic your direction, then they’re going to drop you and your affiliate program like a hot potato. On the other hand, if you have a high conversion sales page then your affiliates will be motivated to work hard for you.

Make sure to have good customer service. It’s important as an affiliate manager to deal with disputes in a timely manner and always attempt to be fair and reasonable as far as possible. It’s also important to pay on time and to be available to answer questions in a timely manner. One good solution is to have a membership site and a ticket system. Then you can automate much of the process and you can outsource it to a virtual assistant.

Update your marketing efforts often. Make sure to provide your affiliates with new banner ads, text ads, promotional copy, articles, reports, etc on a regular basis. The more materials they have to promote your products or services, the easier it’ll be for them. If they have to create their own ads, ad copy, content and promotions, then they’re less likely to work hard for you.

Motivating affiliates starts with appreciating them and making their job easy. From there, you’ll likely find that most affiliates are motivated by the ability to make more money. Give them that ability, provide them with the resources and treat them well and you’ll have a happy, healthy, motivated affiliate team.

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